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Having an ant colony or infestation at home can be a significant household concern. For one, ants can spread diseases, parasites, and other harmful organisms. Also, they can mess up with your lawn or garden and even cause potential damage to the structure of your house.


Eliminating ants and their colony is, therefore, crucial. There are many solutions when it comes to getting rid of ants from your home. You can use ant treatments, such as pesticides that you can buy from a store. However, they might contain harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to your family’s health when used and exposed.


As an alternative, there’s a variety of all-natural ant killing solutions for you. One effective solution is the use of essential oil. Yes, essential oils may have become popular in treating certain health conditions in recent years. However, did you know that essential oils can be an effective solution in getting rid of ants permanently as well? Keep on reading to find out more.


Impact of Essential Oil to Ants


Essential oils are effective ant treatments. This is because of their scents that can keep ants away from your home. Chances are, most essential oils have a very strong fragrance. They may be pleasant to humans, but the pungent smell can drive the ants away. They can even interfere with the pheromones ants use for coordination. All you have to do is to spread essential oils around your home. By doing so, you will mask the ant pheromone trails, which then causes them to lose their coordination. When that happens, you can expect no more ants to invade your home.


Types of Essential Oils to Use


Specific types of essential oils are effective in keeping ants out of your home. Some types can even be used as an insecticide. 


Cedarwood is said to be one of the best essential oils for pest control. When placed between ants and a food source, cedarwood keeps the ants from moving toward the food. It is particularly effective against very aggressive ant species, such as the fire ants. 


You might want to consider using patchouli essential oil to kill ants and prevent them from coming into your home. Not only can this oil turn away a variety of common ant species, but it has also shown to cause a high mortality rate for these aggravating insects. You can also make use of other essential oils such as peppermint, vetiver, and orange, among others.


Creating a Spray Solution


How do you create an essential oil-based spray? Follow the steps below:


  • Prepare ten drops of tea tree oil, fifteen drops of peppermint oil, a quarter cup of water and vodka, and three drops of orange oil. Look for a spray bottle as well. 
  • Take all of your ingredients and mix them in a large bowl. 
  • Mix and pour the ingredients into your spray bottle. 
  • You can use your spray immediately.
  • Have it stored somewhere dry and cool for future use.


Final Words


Essential oils can indeed be used to kill the ants that have infested your home and prevent them from returning. Make a mixture out of essential oils and then spray it around your home. However, if you’ve followed the steps above and ant infestation still persists, seek the assistance of an ant control expert.


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