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Rodent Control

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Rats and mice, also known as rodents, pose a pretty serious threat to Australian homes and businesses across Melbourne. They contaminate food and spread diseases, as well as causing terrible structural damage to walls, floors and roofs around your property or buildings. Their teeth will continue to grow throughout their lifespan, which gives them the need to gnaw on anything they see fit, whether that be wood, water pipes, ducting, or plaster.

Rodents have also been well-known to cause water damage, as well as the reason for fires starting.

The three main culprits when it comes to rodents are:

  1. The Roof Rat
  2. Norway Rat
  3. House Mouse

It’s essential to eliminate rodents such as rats and mice quickly to avoid an infestation. Contact our rodent pest control team at All Guard Pest Control so we can help you free your home of rats, mice and any house mouse.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

How do you know if you’ve got a rodent problem? Well, you could call us straight away and we will be able to come out and tell you. However, if you’d like to do a bit of detective work yourself, have a look for the following:


Look at the structural areas throughout your house or business, as well as inside the roof. They love to gnaw on anything they can sink their teeth into such as electrical wires, phone cables, walls and food around your home.

Dropping from rats and mice

This is a massive giveaway and usually one of the most obvious signs of an infestation.

Damaged food and torn packaging

Have a look in the pantry, you might see that several items in there have been nibbled on!


Listen out for scurrying around the roof area, in the wall or under the floor. Pets are also really good at sounding them out!


In many cases you will be able to smell their droppings or urine in areas with poor ventilation, i.e. the pantry/laundry.

The Solution?

For Melbourne’s best pest control rodent removal service, you need to contact one of Melbourne’s best rodent exterminators – All Guard Pest Control! Contact All Guard pest control for a free quote!

Call us today and we guarantee we will fix the problem very quickly using a range of non-evasive approaches and treatments that will keep you, your family, and employees safe.

How do our exterminators get rid of rats and mice?

Pest control for rats and mice is more common than you’d think, especially if you’re living on an older property. Rats and mice always find ways to enter your house through entry points and holes in walls or the roof of your home.

To prevent further damage to your property, our exterminators highly recommend that you get rid of rats and mice as soon as possible through the appropriate treatments for rodent control and pest control methods.

Our professional exterminators at All Guard Pest control will visit your home to inspect entry points and look out for possible marks of an infestation. It’s important to identify entry points, such as holes, early on in the treatment as those are the places where rats and mice can enter your home.

Signs such as rub marks are helpful to observe too as they happen when rodents rub their fur against the walls of their burrows or nest, which can be around your house or nearby buildings. Rub marks are often seen as dark smears on walls and other surfaces.

Exterminators will place traps for pests and rodents as bait – designed to capture and eliminate common rodent pests such as the house mouse, rats, and mice in and around your house. Traps around entry points are most effective to eliminate species of rodents in and around your property. At All Guard, we do not use harsh chemical treatments which means we are able to perform complete extermination of rodents from your home that is pet-friendly and safer for you and your family.

How to control a roden infestation

Rodents such as rats and mice are pests that can increase in numbers very quickly if no immediate action is taken, so it’s best to get rid of them immediately to avoid an infestation. Rodent and pest control methods can vary, however, below are a few signs and things you can do around your home to help control them, especially around your property.

  • Rodents will continually seek food, water, and shelter around your property so it’s essential to control rodent entry points first.
  • Refrigerate, seal and put away food to prevent the house mouse from gnawing on wrappers or contaminating your food with diseases as they come out to feed at night.
  • If you hear sounds coming from your roof, below your home, or through walls, it may be a sign that they’re making a nest or gnawing your electrical cables. When in doubt, call the pest control company in your area.
  • Droppings around your home are indicative of rodents around your property. It’s best to lay traps to bait them and to eliminate them before they feed on the food around your home.

When in doubt, call rodent pest control or rat control services to prevent the spread of diseases and take care of your pest problem. At All Guard, we can help you with your pest control needs, call us today!

How much does rodent pest control cost?

At All Guard, we price our rodent pest control services extremely competitively while providing professional, reliable, and fast pest control services all year round. Our pest control exterminator team are highly experienced and licensed professionals who are ready to help with any rodent infestation or pest issue in your property.

For more details regarding pest control costs and pricing, simply get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Rodents such as rats and mice can spread diseases around your house and neighbourhood as well as damage properties to severe extents sooner than you may believe. So, it’s best to call a pest control service such as All Guard to provide your house with proper treatment ASAP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are rodents dangerous?
Rodents are quite dangerous. They can cause damage to your house as well as causing damage to your health. They carry disease and will gnaw on anything.
What do droppings look like?
Mouse droppings are smooth and usually around 3-5 mm long.

Rat droppings are shiny and in terms of length will usually be between 12mm-18mm, depending on the species you’re dealing with.

What areas do you service?
We offer pest control solutions to homes and businesses alike across Melbourne and varying parts of Victoria.
when can I expect to be contacted?
All Guard Pest Control will contact you as soon as possible, usually within the hour.

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