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What are bedbugs?


Bed bugs are insects that feed on human blood, and they are mostly active at night. They require blood to breed, but unlike other insects, such as the mosquitoes, bed bugs are flightless. Know that bed bugs are not parasites, such as ticks that can attach themselves to a host. Because they do not like the heat, they will instead cling on your clothes, backpacks, shoes, and luggage, unlike ticks and lice that attach themselves to a host. 


Bed bugs are nondiscriminatory in terms of their target preferences. They can be seen at a high rise condominium apartment or even down low at shelters. They can survive in any environment, as long as they have access to food. They are more likely to thrive in materials made of wood, paper, or fabric, which is why they are mostly found in your beds. Although bed bugs can feed on most warm-blooded animals, they primarily feed on human blood. 


Are bed bugs seasonal? 


Bed bugs appear more during April till November. Although they can live in most temperatures, they are more common during the hotter months because the increase in heat is a contributing factor to the activity of bed bugs. The spread of bed bugs during the summer can be attributed to frequent travelling during these months. 


Frequent travelling, staying at hotels, and many families visiting from foreign countries increase the risk of bed bug infestation since these insects are also known as hitchhiking bugs. Once you go to a place infested by these blood-sucking insects, you will most likely bring them with you and infest your homes. 


Do bed bugs hibernate during winter?


Keep in mind that bed bugs do not hibernate, unlike other animals, such as bears, bats, and snakes, to name a few. Although, know that their metabolism and reproduction do tend to be slower than the hotter months. When the temperature becomes cooler, it reduces their metabolism, which makes feeding less frequent because they become hungry less often.  


Even if the bed bugs’ activities may be affected during the winter season, however, they do not become dormant. Bed bugs live indoors because the temperature is conducive to them. It may be a bit cooler, but since they live indoors with home occupants, they enjoy the temperature that they set to keep warm. If you’re experiencing severe cases of infestation, you can subject your house to freezing temperatures (although not advisable) to kills the bed bugs in just a few hours.


Do bed bugs just live on beds?


Bed bugs are a misnomer. Know that bed bugs do not live on beds only because they can also be found in books, chairs, trains, couches, and more. They like to hole up in small cracks and can even be found behind the wallpapers or in electrical switches. 


Final words


Bed bugs can thrive and live all year round. Although they do not die during the winter season, their metabolisms do become slower during the cold season, which is why there are less frequent feeding on human blood. However, they are very much active during the summer, and more infestation is likely because people tend to travel during this time. 


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