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Spiders Control Camberwell

Spiders in Australia

There are more than 10,000 species of spider in all over Australia and only few of them comes under the venomous i.e. Sydney funnel-web, mouse, white-tailed and Redback spiders, but other than this are non-venomous if you find them on walls and windows. They also prevent your house by eating other insects.

If spider bits you some of the symptoms are as fallow i.e. skin may go red, itching, sweating, allergy, muscle contraction, and unconsciousness.

Things to do:

  1. If you see the spider just cover with transparent container so you can see the spider and cover them with the lid and throw it in garden.
  2. Use spider killing spray in small holes and also near the windows.
  3. Careful if you see webs in backyards during summers and always check your shoes before you wear.
  4. Use fly screens to prevent your house from spiders.

Behaviour of Spiders:

Spiders like to live in cool places and they look for cool place in summers. Mostly spider’s lives in colony, you can easily find spiders on trees. Spiders build up the web lines as a way of travelling. Spiders they eat small insects on trees, walls and window.


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