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A bed bug infestation is a terrifying thing. They spread rapidly and can wreak havoc upon any home and its residents. They prevent people from getting much-needed rest and can even cause allergic attacks in some.


Getting rid of bed bugs is equally problematic. You might find some easy remedies on the internet that claim to work, but ask yourself: Is the quality of your sleep and overall health worth saving a few dollars on? We didn’t think so.


Here are the top three reasons you should let a professional handle your bed bug problem:


1 – They Can Be Difficult to Spot


Bed bugs are tiny creatures that may be difficult to see for most people. While adults can grow to the size of a grain of rice, their babies are virtually invisible to the naked eye. They also have a dark colour ranging from rust to black, so if you have dark bed coverings, you might not even know you have an infestation problem until it’s too late.


A professional can easily test and correctly identify if bed bugs are present in your home. They will also have the right equipment for the job, so you can sleep soundly at night.


2 – Vacuuming Can Aggravate the Problem


Speaking of the right equipment, let’s also talk about the wrong ones. One of the worst things you can do to address your bed bug problem is to take a vacuum cleaner in an attempt to remove them and just hope for the best. Unfortunately, this method will not kill them, and the chances are that you won’t successfully gather all of them even after multiple cleanings.


Additionally, the bed bugs will just take up residence inside your vacuum cleaner. This means that unless you take the time to clean the machine itself thoroughly, you are likely just going to spread the infestation when you use your vacuum in other parts of your home.


3 – Chemical Solutions Are Unreliable


Some common household solutions include scattering diatomaceous earth powder and setting up carbon dioxide (CO2) traps around your bed. Both of these solutions are ineffective. Diatomaceous earth requires direct contact with the bugs to kill them, so unless you like the idea of sleeping on corrosive chemicals, then using it is definitely a bad idea.


CO2 traps can be effective sometimes, but only up to a certain point. These devices work by tricking the bed bugs into thinking that there’s food contained inside and then preventing them from escaping. While bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide emissions, they are also enticed by bodily heat—something that isn’t given off by those traps. Eventually, the bed bugs will figure this out and just ignore the traps completely.


If you have a bed bug problem or suspect that you have one, it’s best to contact a professional to help you deal with the crisis. They’ll have all the necessary equipment to eliminate the infestation, and you won’t have to deal with those creepy crawlers yourself.


If you’re looking for a professional bed bug control service in Melbourne, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.