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Bed bugs are brownish insects that have a nomadic lifestyle and a ravenous diet for the blood of animals or humans. They are notorious for infesting floors, walls, ceilings, and beds, making them a pesky nuisance as they leave itchy welts along the body in their wake. 


In essence, they are heavy-eating insects that will feed for three to ten minutes, but the worst part is that bed bugs have fully adapted to human environments. This means that they are increasing in population in various urban settings, making these unwanted guests difficult to repel.


For those frustrated homeowners looking for tried and true ways to ward off pests such as bed bugs, the tips below should help clear out your bedroom and make it a safe haven once again. 


Tip #1: Contain the Infestation


A quick way to easily trap bed bugs is with your vacuum, though be sure to clean high-risk hiding places like your bed, dresser, carpets, and even electronics as the little critters can dig anywhere in your home. 


After vacuuming the pests, seal up the contents in a tight plastic bag and throw it away. Follow it up with a thorough clean-up of your vacuum to ensure that there no lingering eggs or lost bugs in the container. 


Tip #2: Use High Heat as a Natural Bed Bugs Deterrent 


Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures and cower away from high heat such as 115°F (46°C), or intense cold that reaches 32°F. With that in mind, you can immediately eradicate the infestation in your bed by washing your clothes or bedding in hot water for 30 minutes. You can reinforce the cleaning method by drying infected items on the highest heat possible for another 30 minutes. 


As an alternative, busy homeowners can opt for a steamer instead and use it on mattresses, couches, and other hard-to-reach areas where bed bugs like to settle in. Once you notice all the visible bugs are gone, you can proceed to prevent future invasions by placing bedbug-proof covers over your mattress. 


Tip #3: Clean Up Your Clutter


One of the most effective pest deterrents is maintaining a clean environment. This is because a cluttered home creates more room for bed bugs to hide. With that in mind, keeping your space spick-and-span can brighten up your place and lower the risk of attracting dust and pest infestations.


Not only does it reduce the number of living spots for bed bugs, but a cleaner environment can also promote overall good health. 


Tip #4: Hire a Professional Pest Removal Company 


Getting rid of bed bugs yourself is a good short-term solution, but it doesn’t eliminate the root of the problem as pests are likely to settle back in after finding new prime spots in your home. From crawl spaces, bath traps, to crevices in between your bed frames or walls, a professional pest removal company has the experience, equipment, and expertise to rid your space of nesting areas. 


This provides quality, long-term answer to your bed bug woes. With that in mind, hiring an expert pest remediation service can help promote the quality of your sleep and won’t let any more bed bugs bite. 


If you’re looking for professional bed bug control services in Melbourne, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.