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Ant Control Melbourne

Ants thrive in sunny climates, which makes Australian homes the perfect place for them, and also where ant control can come in handy. There are 1,300 known species of ants in Australia, with some of the most common being:

  • Bull ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Coastal brown ants
  • Funnel ants
  • Garden ants
  • White-footed house ants
  • Pavement ants

Ants and their endless quest for food will often leave them trying to make their way inside people’s houses. This is why ant control can become quite necessary when you start to realise that you may have an ant problem.


All Guard Pest Control is your leading pest control company providing best-in-class ant pest control services in Melbourne. We service ant control in homes and businesses alike in identifying, removing and preventing a wide range of ant problems, so you can rest easy knowing your premises are ant free. We are a fully licensed ant control service provider and have been ridding ants from all types of properties across Melbourne and other nearby areas in Victoria.

Ant infestations are pretty awful, but don’t worry – All Guard Pest Control has you covered when it comes to ant control in Melbourne. Either call us or use the contact form below and we’ll provide you with a free quote, as well as a 6-month warranty


Dealing with ant infestations is often quite circumstantial. There are plenty of situations where a DIY option will suffice, however in other cases where the ant infestation is simply too widespread, All Guard Pest Control will be able to provide assistance when it comes to ant control.


When you start noticing ants in your home, you should begin by trying to track them, blocking any entry points. You should also make sure that you don’t leave food lying around and that all benches are wiped clean. Ants are extremely drawn to sweet things, so you can imagine that a sticky bench top will be very desirable to an ant.


With over 1,300 different species of ants in Australia, ant control methods can vary widely depending on the species. Different ants have particular eating preferences, behaviours, and preferred locations to breed and grow. All of this is taken into account when identifying and creating effective ant control methods to remove them.

At All Guard Pest Control, we use natural ant control methods that have been successful in removing ant infestations and other problems for years – providing you with a healthier and cleaner property. Get professional ant control in gardens, homes, restaurants, offices, and more.


Dealing with ant problems can be better managed the more you know about them. Even though there are hundreds of different species of ants within Melbourne and near other areas in Victoria, there are some general facts about all ants that can help you with your understanding of these insects. These include:

Ant Identification

Even though they may all look quite similar, different ant species have various shapes in their head, thorax, abdomen area, and even their antennae! The next time you’re dealing with an ant problem in Melbourne, take a closer look and you may be able to spot some differences to identify what types of ant species you may be dealing with. However, given that there’s so many ant species, it’s best to leave ant identification efforts to the experts at All Guard Pest Control.

Ant Behaviour

All ants behave by working in colonies – consisting of a queen, male ants, and worker ants. Queens are female ants that were born as larger larvae than other females, and have the sole purpose of mating with male ants and growing the colony. Worker ants refer to the remaining female ants that carry out the majority of the nest building tasks such as searching for food.

Ant Life Cycle

There are four stages of an ant’s life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The length of an ant’s life cycle depends on the species, with some lasting from 6 weeks to others that last for over 14 years!

Ant Facts

An interesting fact about ants is that they communicate by releasing a chemical scent called ‘pheromones’. These pheromones are left behind in a trail to help other ant workers find their way to food sources or back to the nest. Ants don’t have ears, and some don’t even have eyes, so they ultimately depend on these trails of pheromones to work efficiently as a colony.


For professional ant removal services in Melbourne, you can rely on the experts at All Guard Pest Control. We’re a fully licensed company with years of experience providing quality ant control in houses, offices, gardens, construction sites, and many other properties in Melbourne. Whether you believe you have an ant infestation in your home or seeing repeated incidences of ant problems around your house, get in touch with us today to get proper ant removal services in Melbourne.

All Guard Pest Control are the specialists in pest ant control and removal services in Melbourne, Victoria. If you’re dealing with ant problems and have searched online for ‘ant control services near me’, get in touch with the team at All Guard Pest Control. Call us today on 0403 616 327 or fill out our contact form for a free quote.

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