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Bed bugs aren’t only annoying, but they are pests that can pose severe health implications at home. Chances are that these pests can build a home and get comfortable in your beddings. They go crawling at night on your bed, looking for the next host for a meal. These little critters can bite you without your knowledge, and you will wake up the following day with reddish spots on your skin. 


The worst thing that can happen is having an infestation of bed bugs on your bed until it becomes rather difficult and challenging to deal with it. That’s why as soon as you notice any signs of bed bugs, you must do what it takes to kill it immediately – even before they grow, multiply, invade, and infest your space.


That said, below are four practical tips on how you can get rid of bed bugs at home.


  1. Look for the nest


Having a complete bed bug elimination can be quite tricky. In order to do this, you must first look for the home nest of these bugs. The chances are that they might be hiding in the wooden frames of your bed, deep inside your home’s furniture, inside the pages of books, along carpet edges, or baseboards, among many others. As soon as you see one, make sure to track them down and locate the nest of the pests. 


  1. Eradicate the bed bug nest


Once you’ve located the nest, the next step to take is to get rid of it. There are three ways you can eliminate these bed bugs from the home nest: cleaning, vacuuming, and steaming. First, begin by decluttering your bedroom and dusting off all items. Second, vacuum the following areas: along with the window sills, baseboards, and headboards, by the edge of the carpet, and in the crevices of the furniture in your bedroom. Finally, perform steaming as well in the areas mentioned above. Make sure the nozzle of the steamer moves slowly so that you can remove all the bed bugs and any possible eggs.


  1. Apply bed bug repellents


Even after cleaning, vacuuming, and steaming, keep in mind that you may still not be able to get rid of all the bed bugs entirely. The chances are that a few remaining bugs remain settled in deepest cracks and crevices of your bed. For this reason, you can use special powders and sprays that can kill these nasty pests effectively. 


There is a wide range of powders and sprays available in the market meant to eliminate bed bugs specifically. Once purchased, you can apply the powder generously around your bed and lock up your room for a few days. 


  1. Change your bedding


After leaving your room for a few days, make sure to clear up the room and wash the bedding thoroughly. Make sure to take off all the bedding, pillowcases, and bedsheets. You may also consider throwing these bedding away and using new ones to further prevent the spread of these bugs to other parts of your home. 


If you choose to use them, however, make sure to wash them in scalding hot water before use. Once your bed and mattress are bug-free, seal all cracks and crevices to ensure that the bugs do not return. 


When you encounter a bed bug crawling on your sheet, you should take immediate action. You must get rid of them at the earliest, lest you have an infestation you cannot deal with. That said, follow the practical steps on how to get rid of bed bugs outlined above. If you are struggling with a bed bug infestation and you are unable to handle the situation by yourself, it will be best to contact pest control professionals to deal with it instead. 


If you are looking to learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs, get in touch with All Guard Pest Control in Melbourne today to see how we can help.