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If you own any property, you need to take steps to make sure you are keeping it pest-free to prevent any health hazards. How often this should be done can be dependent on multiple factors:

Property Type
The type of property you have can have a major impact on how frequently you should use commercial pest services. Restaurants will need these inspections more frequently and are often even required to.

Any premises that will be dealing with the public should get regularly scheduled pest control services. Monthly and quarterly treatments are common options.

History of the Property
Looking at a property’s history regarding pests can be quite crucial. If the property has had a problem with pests in the past and was already treated by a professional, this will also affect the schedule for routine commercial pest services.

Doing it Yourself
If you are planning on dealing with pests yourself, you must consider the amount of time you will have to commit to working on the process. For businesses that serve food, keeping pests away may even be a daily task.


There is not one answer to the question of how often businesses should schedule commercial pest services because there are different types of business. The best way to determine the specific needs of your company is to have a pest control professional come out to your property for an inspection.

After looking at your property and discussing your needs, All Guard Pest Control will provide you with a recommendation for the services you need and frequency that will keep your business pest-free.

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