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Encountering pests such as termites can leave a trail of disastrous results once it invades your home. When pest infestation takes over the house, over a short period, ceilings, walls, and structures will be eaten through to the point of reaching near collapsing. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to detect the early signs of an invasion as signs are only noticeable by the naked eye once considerable damage has been done. 


However, once you notice the presence of a termite colony, it’s best to act fast and be ruthless as these pesky critters are known to feed on wood non-stop within 24 hours. Treating your home after such an attack can be a costly and stressful ordeal, so be sure to keep a watchful eye to squash the problem before it gets out of hand. In that regard, prevention is better than cure, so the list below includes quick and easy ways to defeat the formation of a home-wrecking colony.


What are termites?


Termites are the most costly and damaging pest homeowners can ever encounter as these insects feed on cellulose, which is the organic, fibrous material found in wood and plants. In other words, these critters will ravage your entire house, which is why you need to spot them fast and beat the clock before the infestation becomes overwhelmingly destructive. In that regard, there are two types of termites to watch out for:


  • Drywood Termites – This invasion manifests when an existing colony sends out flying termite swarmers to find the nearest wooden crevice, which is typically wooden houses. Once they discover a new feeding ground, they shed their wings and carve out a nest to nurture a new termite colony.
  • Subterranean Termites – These termites live underground and can break into your house by eating through its foundations. They are also the most common as they make up 95% of termite damage in the United States. You can spot the early signs of a home invasion as it leaves a trail of mud tunnels over your home’s walls.


Ways to Prevent Termite Infestations


  1. Get Rid of Moisture


Moisture is one of the main factors that invite all types of pests into your home, including the infamous and highly destructive termites. In that regard, a fool-proof way to deter such critters is to remove any excess moisture in your home. In instances wherein you live in a humid environment, it’s best to invest in a dehumidifier as it will keep the termites at bay. Meanwhile, eliminating any factors that contribute to excess moisture – such as faulty leaks, for example, can help prevent termites from leaving a trail of damage in their wake.


  1. Maintain a Distance Between Soil and Wood


If you have a garden in your home or have an open-field for your backyard, be sure to leave an optimal distance of at least eighteen inches as this will help mitigate termites from targeting your home. If being near soil is unavoidable for you, you can have stone or cement installed in your patio or garden to create a physical barrier between the soil and your wooden foundation.


  1. Use Borate on Wood


Borate spray is one of the most powerful and effective termite repellents as it can soak into the wood, which deters termites from eating. Be sure to spray it all over your wooden furniture, fixtures, doors, or walls as it the ideal precaution against termites, which can last for decades. 


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