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Termites are a huge issue for any building. They can eat away at any wood surface and dig a massive tunnel system right underneath your home. If the tunnels cover enough ground, then your house could be at risk of collapse. In this article, we’ll tell you all about how to get rid of them effectively.


Small bugs, big problem

Termites dig tunnels underground that can be incredibly extensive. Some termite species can build tunnels that expand for miles, and their small size means that they can get into just about any hole your house might have.


Tips to prevent termites

Termites love wood. So if you have a bunch of it lying around in your basement, you need to check for signs of termites. Look for timber and debris near your house, too. If you see piles of sand-like components on the ground near this debris, that’s a sign of termites. They eat wood and dead leaves, so if you remove them, they will be deprived of food and forced to leave your house.


Repair leaking taps and pipes

Moist soils are easier to dig, which is why you need to fix leaky taps and pipes to keep termites away.


Ensure that vents to sub-floor areas are never blocked

The sub-floor needs to be properly ventilated in order to keep the ground in that area dry. This will prevent the termites from digging right under your house.


Use anti-termite wood and timbers materials

Untreated wood is the perfect food source for termites, so make sure all of the wood surfaces in your house are treated. From your beds, fence, tables, and anything in between. Make sure that there’s no raw wood lying around throughout your house. You can find galvanized post supports at any hardware store. These things lift the timber off the ground and prevent termites from climbing onto and eat the wood.


Don’t allow climbing plants or bushy gardens to grow against the structure

Despite termites usually living in the garden, inside the house is actually where the temperature is more suitable for them to live in. If given the chance, they will climb into your house and infest it very quickly. Make sure that you keep the vine plants away from the house as that will give termites an avenue into your house.


Remove dead trees or stumps

Like timbers and debris, dead tree stumps are a great food source for termites. If you have a stump in your garden that’s been there for a while, it’s probably already been infested with termites. You need to remove it as soon as possible to prevent an infestation.


Ensure that termite shielding is not damaged or breached

House designs now account for termite infestations, which is why they include things like metal strips or ant caps around the foundation of your home. Make sure you check the condition of these barricades with each inspection.


Be aware

Each time you do a renovation on your home, you need to check that it doesn’t cause the issues mentioned above. Be sure to check for any damage that the construction might have done on the metal sheets and the treated wood surfaces, as this might give termites an entry into your house.


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