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It’s time to get rid of your bedbug problem once and for all. The first step is to call your local bug exterminator. In the meantime, you should make sure your apartment is ready for the professionals to come in and save the day! Here are some things that you can do before the exterminators arrive:


Get rid of clutter

When you hire an exterminator to come to get rid of the pests in your room, they’ll actually take care of all your things by packing them in plastic bags and unpacking them later, after the treatment is done.

However, it’s important that you try to organize your room before they get there. Doing so will make your exterminators’ job easier because it’ll save them more time. You should also try to keep your floor free of clutter so that you’ll have a bug-free bed and clean apartment even after the exterminators are finished. That said, whether you decide to mop or vacuum your floors, remember not to cross-contaminate rooms that have already been cleaned.

Don’t move your furniture

A professional, modern exterminating company will take care of any infested furniture as well. For instance, you won’t have to worry about hauling your bug-ridden couch elsewhere to get it treated. Just leave your couch where it is and the exterminators will take care of it. Treatments should include clearing your belongings of all bed bugs and their eggs, and this includes your furniture. Everything in your house will be completely bug-free after the exterminators leave.


Professional pest control services will provide you with a quick turnaround from the moment you call them to the time they completely rid your home of pests. If you’re worried about your things, you shouldn’t be. Exterminators will give you all the time you need to prepare your room before they begin treatment.

Put away any personal belongings and other things that you want to keep safe, then let the exterminators know when you’re ready. You don’t even have to supervise them while they’re doing their thing. You can go off and do whatever you need or want to while your home is being taken care of. Use this time to run errands or see a friend. Have fun and rest assured that your apartment is in good hands.

Quality assurance

Most exterminating services will come with a warranty of one year. This is so that their customers can rest assured that their homes and things will be 100% free of bedbugs and other pests after treatment. If not, the exterminators can return at no extra charge to make sure that it is. You might have heard some horror stories of people having to leave their homes or removing furniture because of treatments that didn’t work. Instead of getting rid of pests, those treatments actually made things worse by causing the bugs to spread.

However, we assure you that quality exterminations with treatment technology will definitely kill bugs, not spread them. These highly effective, industrial strength chemicals will do the trick. They’ll help you get your apartment back and make it feel like home again.

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