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Though spiders are generally considered harmless, not everyone is an arachnologist to be able to tell which ones carry venoms and which ones are not. Spiders are one of those pests that actually carry many benefits for nature and for your household. Nevertheless, they remain to be the most dreaded insects. They are hairy, have eight legs, and can spin webs. These are the common facts available to most people about spiders. What you don’t know, however, is that there’s more to spiders than meets the eye.


Here are facts about our eight-legged friend that might take you by surprise.


  1. There are spiders everywhere. 


House spiders lay up to 300 eggs, which are wrapped and protected in sacs. This means that just because you don’t see any spider right now, doesn’t mean they’re not around. Spiders are good hiders. If you can spend a day peering through every corner of your house, you will surely find a spider there minding its own business. According to various studies, a spider can even be hiding within ten feet from you.


  1. There’s a tiny spider, a giant spider, and the in-betweens


There are 35,000 spider species discovered to this date, yet scientists know there are millions more left undiscovered. The current number just goes to show that spiders have a variety of species that come in different shapes and sizes.


  1. A few bites are fatal


Only a few spiders can cause severe damages to you if you’re bitten. Not all of them are venomous. Because of this, there’s no reason to kill spiders on sight unless you’re absolutely positive that it’s the toxic kind. Even if they’re lethal, they don’t bite as often as you think they would. 


  1. Female spiders are voracious


Female spiders are big eaters as opposed to their male counterparts. This is why some of the females even devour their partners. This predatory behaviour has no fixed timing. While some female spiders eat their mates before copulation, other females devour their mates after copulation or while in the middle of it.


  1. Some have talents that can earn the golden buzzer


The peacock spider, Maratus Volans, can dance the steps of the YMCA dance. While this is a ritual thing, had this species joined a talent show, it would’ve earned the golden buzzer because it’s simply amazing to behold. The best part is, the female spiders will eat the male dancers if they don’t do the dance well enough. Talk about a harsh judge to impress.


  1. Spider silks are strong


The silks from spiders are not as strong as the one seen in the movies, but they’re strong enough to aid the spider’s survival. The web’s purpose is to catch prey, and each web is woven in geometrical patterns with lines from the centre that radiate from the outside. Spiders produce silk with their silk glands using their spinnerets. This thread is five times stronger than a steel stand of the same thickness.




These surprising facts about spiders might help get rid of your fears about spiders and have a mindset that they are just amazing little furry-legged creatures trying to co-exist with humans. However, if you really want to get rid of them, it’s best that you call the professionals instead. They will thoroughly examine your home to remove the spider’s sacs and eggs. They can exterminate spiders using environmentally friendly products as well!


If you’re looking for professional pest control services in Melbourne to help you get rid of spiders in your house, get in touch with us to see how we can help!