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Termites are one of the most feared pests for Australian homeowners. They are incredibly destructive and can cause thousands of dollars of damage on property.

One of the reasons that they are so feared is that they are silent pests. You won’t even know you have an infestation until it’s gone too far. On top of this, a great number of insurance companies choose to not cover termite damage (unless you get a specific coverage), meaning you’ll be left to deal with the financial aftermath.

This means that the best way to deal with termites is to prevent them entirely. By carrying out pre-construction pest control services and protecting your home’s structure, you can keep your home safe from termite attacks. Here’s what you need to know about this preventive measure:

Protecting Your Home from Termites Pre-Construction

There are a couple of stages in the process of pre-construction termite treatment that will have to be carried out in order to assure that your home’s structure is safe from termite infestation. The most popular pre-construction termite treatment option is chemically treating the soil before the foundation is even laid. The chemical layer between the soil and your structure will prevent these pests from penetrating and gaining access to it.

Here are the steps of a chemical treatment:

  • First, chemicals will be applied to the sides and the bottom of the excavated hole.
  • In the areas where slabs are going to be placed, experts will make sure those holes are treated with chemicals as well.
  • Any points where floors and walls meet will be treated.
  • There will be holes dug around the entire perimeter and filled with chemicals.
  • The pipe bedding will be treated to keep the pipes safe from pest damage.
  • Any wooden doors, beams, columns, cabinets or window frames will be treated with special chemicals to ward off ant termites.

Protecting Your Home from Termites Post-Construction

It’s always a better choice to protect your home from termites before it is even built. However, this isn’t a decision we’re all able to make. If you are living in a home that is at risk of termites or perhaps is already infested, there will be different measures taken to protect you and your household.

They are as follow:

  • Pest control professionals will visit your home and evaluate the damage throughout the inside, the outside and even below the house.
  • The first infiltrated points will be identified, and the experts will take note of this and see how far the termites have progressed.
  • Professionals will make holes at precise distances along the exterior and interior wall and apply termite chemicals in order to create a protective barrier.
  • The chemical will also be applied on your walls and floors to ensure that the termites do not spread or relocate to another part of your home.
  • Any wooden or plywood fixtures will also be treated, especially at the places where they intersect the floor.
  • Each empty space in the masonry will have chemicals sprayed or applied into it.
  • Badly damaged furniture or features will have to be removed and replaced immediately.

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