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Pest issues aren’t fun for anybody. Not only are rats and roaches annoying, but they can also pose a huge health threat to your home. They are carriers of quite a number of dangerous diseases such as Weil’s Disease and Salmonella. It’s fair to say that it’s in your best interest to get rid of them ASAP. The best way to do this is with the help of a great pest control service in Melbourne. When professionals inspect your home, they can figure out exactly what type of pest you’re dealing with. This makes it easier to put together an effective pest removal strategy. To increase the effectiveness of your pest control treatment, prepare your home with the following six guidelines:

1. Move the Furniture
Pests usually nest in those damp and dark corners of your home, so you need to make sure that you move the furniture in these areas out of the way. This way, the exterminator can have access to every nook and cranny in your home, which will minimise the risk of a re-infestation.

2. Store Away Your Possessions
Although this isn’t very likely with a professional pest control service at work, it’s possible for pests to scatter everywhere when their nest is broken down. It’s incredibly important to make sure that there aren’t any toys or clothes on the floor. You have to pack them away before the exterminator comes, as there may be some chemicals involved in the extermination process. This can contaminate your clothes and toys. Not to mention those items and those small corners will become the perfect hiding spots for the pests. Debris makes your exterminator’s job a lot harder than it has to be. By leaving your things on the floor, you will risk contaminating your furniture, everyday appliances and clothing. This can pose a health hazard, and that’s not something you want to have on top of pest issues.

3. Completely Clean the Kitchen and Dining Area
You must put your kitchenware and food away in a secure place. This doesn’t mean your cabinets, though, as those areas will have to be sprayed thoroughly as well. Wrap all of your pots, pans, and silverware in plastic wrap to protect it from coming into direct contact with the chemicals.  All your food should be stored in plastic containers and put away in the fridge for storage until the extermination process is done. It’s recommended that you unplug the refrigerator so that the fan inside doesn’t suck in the chemical particles in and contaminate your food. It’s also a good idea to cover the sink and tap so that you don’t risk contaminating the water supply. When the job is done, make sure to leave the tap running for around 30 seconds to one minute to get rid of the residual pesticides.

4. Keep Your Pets Out of the House

Pets are usually more sensitive to pesticides than we are, and they can be seriously harmed if you don’t take them out of the premise before the pest treatment. For their own safety, it might be better to leave them with a neighbour throughout the duration of the procedure. If you have an aquarium, you need to make sure to encase the entire thing with a plastic cover and make sure the fish have enough food for the next few hours. You have to make sure the water is adequately oxygenated throughout the treatment process without the automatic air pump as well, as it could suck in the chemicals and contaminate the closed biome.

5. Cover the Paintings and Flower Pots
If you have hand-painted decorations and art pieces, you want to make sure to cover it with plastic as well. Some pesticides could have a chemical reaction with the paint, which may result in discolouration. The same goes for plants as well. It’s best for you to move any house plants throughout the duration of the procedure.

6. Clean and Cover the Bathroom
Anything that comes into contact with your mouth, hand, or nose will have to be stored away in a secure place. Your toothbrushes, razor blades, floss, soap bar, and q-tips should be wrapped and put away. You will also need to cover the access to water sources for the same reason mentioned in the kitchen section.

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