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Pest Control in Australia


When searching for pest control, most people just look at it from a pricing perspective, but there really should be a little more consideration put into it. Hiring someone who is qualified and will get the job done safely and correctly means finding a reputable operator. Someone who is not insured or carrying out inferior pest control services are using inferior products and may not do the job as it is needed to be done. So, how do you make sure you hire the right person or company from the job? There are a variety of things to look for and considerations to make when you’re in the market to get an infestation taken care of. The industry can sometimes be inconsistent as there are some companies that do not adhere to the standards and operate without adequate insurance or the appropriate license.

Things to Consider



Licenses and Experience

Make sure the potential technician is licensed and experienced. Ask for license details or certificates. If the technician holds a training license, hey may need to be supervised for certain treatments, but should still be able to get the job done. It is good to be aware of what kind of inspections of treatments they have done in the past, so ask and assess whether or not it is relevant for what you need to be done. Pest control can involve general pest treatments, timber and pest inspections, termite prevention, eradication treatments, bed bug elimination and more. Ask them if they have done any of the previously listed treatments to see if they are qualified to exterminate for your case.


Pricing and Quotes

Shop around and get quotes from multiple vendors as you may get two vastly different prices from different companies. Also be sure to ask the vendors what the prices consist of and what services you are being quoted on to prevent any misunderstandings or additional costs that might be unnecessary. A good pest controller will give you options on different treatment plans or chemicals to choose from depending on what kind of environment is being treated.



Relevant Qualifications

Most systems require pest controllers to be individually accredited for installation and monitoring. Some pest controllers must hold Blue Card Certificates for child safety, first aid training, TimberSafe accreditations, along with other requirements. Almost half of the pest control companies are members of AEPMA, the Australian Environmental Pest Management Association, which is the main industry association in Australia. While it doesn’t have to do with the quality of the company members, each member is required to be licensed, insured and abide by a Code of Conduct. As for accreditations, the industries own systems that accredit and others are ISO accredited. Either way, any company that is a member of AEPMA will have gone through many forms of training and basic course units required for licensing.


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