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If you own a restaurant, a cafe, or any other establishment in the food industry, you will want to make sure that there are no pests getting into your products or running around the premises. Since food establishments are filled with food and moisture, the two things that draw pests in the most, it can be quite a complicated job to keep them out.

These small critters love to hide under or behind fridges, ovens, and other warmth radiators. They will also hide in the pipes, walls, and even the pantries to look for small food particles to snack on! Having pests in your business can leave your customers vulnerable to health risks.

These pests carry bacteria, which may cause terrible diseases and spike any allergies or even asthma attacks in more sensitive individuals. Here’s what you have to know about pest control in the F&B industry:


When To Call

If you see any sign pests, live or otherwise, in your establishment, it is time to call an inspector or exterminator. Other evidence may include signs of breeding, entryways, and droppings. An inspector should be able to find and identify these signs to initiate pest control for your business. If you see any signs of pests such as carcasses or droppings, be sure to call an inspector immediately.

During and after the extermination process, you will want to remove any old or expired food in order to be sure that you are preventing pests from returning. This will also ensure that the food that you serve your customers is clean and hygienic.



If it is too late to prevent an infestation, then you will most definitely need to hire pest control to come and take care of the issue for you. After the extermination has been taken care of, you will want to learn how to better prevent pests from returning in the future. There are several ways you can do this.

Some main ways you can start is by making sure all dry foods are not expired and are stored in appropriate air-tight containers. They should not be left exposed when unused. Pests love hot and humid conditions, so be sure to keep your kitchen in your establishment properly vented so that air can circulate, causing less humidity to build. You will want to always line your bins with a lid and make sure to empty them when they are full.

Be sure to keep the area as clean as possible by cleaning up any spills or messes as soon as they happen. Do not leave wet food in the kitchen sink and be sure to unclog any pipes that might be stuck. Any food or ingredients in cardboard boxes should be transported into plastic sealed containers. Pests love cardboard.

Try to keep an eye near your stove, refrigerator, and other pieces of equipment that radiate heat. Pests like to make homes and settle down in spots like this. Make sure that all doors are closed and properly sealed at all times, while also making sure to install fly screens on each window or other openings. Seal any holes or cracks in your walls and anywhere else they may be, no matter how insignificant. If there is a shared trash bin, be sure that all neighbouring establishments understand the priority of keeping the area clean as well.

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