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Bed bugs can cause a big panic in a home. This is not only because they feed on people while they sleep, but also because they are incredibly hard to get rid of. These blood-eating pests are of the indoor variety and aren’t too affected by the outside climate, but autumn happens to be one of the best times for them to come out and travel because this is when school starts up again!

This gives them many opportunities to hop on to you and go from place to place.


They Hitchhike


Bedbugs can follow students to school by hiding in their bags. They may also hop onto any bags that are close by. Since bedbugs can easily move from a child’s bed into their bag, to school, and onto another student’s bag, these pests will inevitably spread into other homes.


They Thrive In Messy Places


It’s a lot harder to find bed bugs in a cluttered home compared to a clean one. Children often have messier rooms than adults. This makes them a more appealing target to bed bugs, which also makes young ones more likely to be their method of transportation from home to home.


Bed bugs love dirty laundry, and kids often leave a garment or two on the floor carelessly for them to crawl into. When kids pack a change of clothing for a sleepover or head to a friend’s house to play, they may be carrying these bed bugs with them.


Identifying These Pests


As for prevention methods, parents and children should know how to identify bed bugs at all stages of their lives. If you are able to identify these bugs, you will be able to fix the problem more quickly. These bed bugs have six legs and will be pale when they first hatch. If they have fed already, they will have red bellies.


When they grow, they start to get a brown color to them. You will also want to know how to look for bed bug eggs. These eggs will be hidden away by bedbugs in the cracks, creases, and stitching of your mattress. Knowing how to identify them will help you take steps to get rid of them. Most people will be unsure whether they have a bed bug problem or not. Being able to recognize the signs early on is a good way to prevent the situation from worsening.




If you suspect that you have a bed bug problem, whether you found eggs or spotted the pests themselves, it may not mean you have a full infestation. Try washing your bedding or clothing, or whatever is infested, at the hottest temperature possible.


This will kill the bed bugs at any stage of their life. If you are unsure or just want to make sure, it may be best to hire your local Pest Control service provider to come and inspect your situation. They will have the experience and training to identify your problem, as well as be able to give you advice on how to fix it. Finding a few bed bugs here and there can be taken care of by washing the infested material at the highest heat possible or vacuuming the bugs you found and releasing them outdoors.


Dogs have a good sense for finding bed bugs, so they will be able to help you find out where they are hiding, but it is better safe than sorry. It may be best for your health, your family’s health, and your pet’s health if you hire professionals to inspect your home for you.


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