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How do you know when you’re on the verge of an infestation? What are the signs of cockroaches, houseflies, mice and rats? All spread diseases and can prove deadly if they build a permanent nest in your house. We have listed a few signs and remedies that you can follow to prevent infestation and keep your home protected from the pesky pests.


An Ant Hill Just Outside Your Home

It isn’t much of a concern to find a few ants crawling around in your kitchen or pantry. It’s alarming if those ants came from a colony inside your walls. It is even worse if those ants are the big and black carpenter ants. So if you notice an ant hill outside your home, call a pest control company right away! Like carpenter bees, carpenter ants also leave sawdust around as they burrow through your wood.


Mud Tunnels Along External Walls

To protect their colony from the weather and predators, termites are known to build tunnels made of mud, dirt, and saliva to and from a source of food. And if you happen to notice these tiny mud tubes along your external walls, chances are that your home is now a home to termites as well!


Shredded Paper and Fibers in the Home

If you notice shredded paper and clothes around your house, it’s likely to be the handiwork of mice. It’s important to recognize this before it’s too late and the structural integrity of your home has been compromised, along your health.


You Hear Tapping Sounds in the Walls

If you hear tapping sounds coming from your walls and you aren’t sure where they’re coming from, it may very well be termites, and you should call pest control immediately. Termites may have already built sizable colonies within the home and the surrounding areas, and it could cost you more the longer you wait.


Weak Floors and Peeling Paint

Termites tend to burrow into wood and leave moisture behind. This not only affects the wood but is bad for the paint too. If your floors feel weak underfoot or if the paint on your walls is cracking and peeling off, it could be a case of termite infestation that needs serious attention.


Tiny Wood-Coloured Pellets Near Your Home

Termite droppings, also known as frass, look like small pellets of wood. If you notice a pile of droppings outside your house, there may be termites nearby. This might not mean that they are right inside your home but it does not hurt to be cautious and call a pest control service in Melbourne.


Black Sesame Seed-Shaped Droppings Around The House

Mouse droppings can look a lot like black sesame seeds or like rice. These are signs that they are lurking about and need to be removed immediately.


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