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Termites are small, pale bugs that will typically inhabit any mound of cemented earth, and they can be a real pain. They feed on wood so they will be destructive to trees as well as your home! It is important that you know how to identify them and prevent them from spreading in order to avoid paying large sums of money to fix the damage they cause. Here are some rules you might want to follow when it comes to termite extermination:

Prevention methods

The best way to avoid damage caused by termites is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. The first thing to do is to get rid of something that attracts termites: mulch. If you have a lot of it piled up on the sides of your home, you are giving them a home and inviting them in.

Keep your mulch trimmed about an inch or two away from the foundation of your home. Do the same for any tree branches, shrubs or any piles of dry wood that could become a breeding spot for these critters. Even old cardboard boxes or scraps of wood should be cleared since they will be attracted to those materials as well.

Get rid of moisture

Termites need moisture to live and thrive. The crawl spaces and foundation of your home should be kept dry through proper drainage. Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clear so that water can properly drain from your home. You should inspect them often; if you find any leaks, you should get them fixed as soon as you can.

Meanwhile, if you find any cracks in the base of the foundation of your home, you should try to seal it with a caulk or foam spray as soon as possible. You should also check the areas around your windows and the utility entryways for your air conditioner for cracks, which can serve as an entrance for these pests.

Yard Upkeep

Keeping your yard clear of fallen limbs and dead shrubs will eliminate places where termites can live. Try not to leave any trash in your yard and get rid of any rotting leaves or old wood that’s just sitting around.


Termites love damp wood, so you should have your deck, railing, and outdoor woodwork inspected for infestations. Treated wood will have chemical preservatives that inhibit infestations and decay, which reduce the chances that termites will make their home in treated wood.

Either way, you should inspect your outdoor wood regularly to make sure you don’t already have an infestation on your hands. Do this at least once a year and have them check your crawl spaces, foundation, and landscaping.

You should look out for mud tunnels, as termites build them so that they can travel from the soil to the wood of your home. You might also find dislodged wings from some termites that might have fallen off into your floor or windowsill. Any damaged wood might be another telltale sign.

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