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Although it’s still autumn here down-under, it would be smart of you to begin planning for spring, especially when it comes to pest control. Most pests are inactive during winter, and it’s easiest to remove them while there aren’t too many before they begin to multiply as spring sets. Aside from being the best season for general house cleaning, spring is also the best season to have pest control professionals survey your house and exterminate the hideouts.

By scheduling a springtime appointment with a pest control professional as early as now, you can be one step ahead of the insects, the rodents, and the other pests. You don’t need to wait for weeks and experience the terrors of a summer infestation if you act at the soonest possible time. You can also eradicate these pests while they are at their most vulnerable through the following springtime tips:

1) Commit yourself to spring cleaning

Before the temperature is warm enough for many insects to wake up, feed, and breed, homeowners must seize the opportunity to get rid of the sources and habitats of these pests through a thorough spring cleaning.

Mosquitoes love clean stagnant water. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to locate the areas where winter moisture could have accumulated. Old tires, vases, birdbaths, flower pots, gutters, and buckets are a few of the places where you need to look.

Dispose of any garbage or clutter inside and outside your home where flies, cockroaches, ants, and other bugs may hide. Rats and mice also feed on your leftovers, so you must have trash promptly sent to the dumps. If you are making compost, make sure that it is covered tightly.

Before you remove and replace rotting wood in your furniture, walls, or windows, have them inspected and treated by a pest control professional so that any vermin such as termites hiding inside can be exterminated.

Although they may be cute, rabbits are a bane for your garden when summertime comes around. Let a pest control professional find the nests where these pests spent the winter to remove them.

2) Have your pets and beds treated against pests

Want your pets and family to avoid all the itchiness and discomfort that come with ticks, fleas, and more? This spring, bring your pets to the vet to have them treated against ticks and fleas. At the same time, have pest control come over to comb off these pests from your grounds. Aside from your pets, make sure that your bed undergoes pest control treatment against bedbugs.

3) Make an appointment with a local professional pest control company

The best way to prevent pests during the coming spring is to get in touch with a professional pest control company and request their services. These experts understand how pests behave and reproduce, which is vital in keeping them off your property. They know how to apply chemicals and traps safely and effectively, and they can also implement mitigating measures that will prevent recurrence of these pests. Have the experts come over and visit to deny these harmful irritants a summer getaway in your home.

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