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When you face pest problems, it’s important to act fast and get rid of the pesky critters as soon as possible. While you are scheduling pest control services, do not forget to think about your own pet.

During the process of pest control, your home pets are susceptible to harm, especially cats and dogs. If they happen to lick the toxic chemicals, they might end up in the vet’s office. Worse, they may not even make it there.

It is your responsibility to keep your pets safe. Here is how you can protect your furry friends while pest control procedures are being carried out:

Inform the exterminator about your pets

Before the actual extermination begins, make sure that you give the pest expert a warning about your pets. Ask them about the severity of the chemicals and how you should keep your animals safe. Most of the time, the exterminator will be able to assess the situation and let you know what to do.

One thing to remember is that you need to be specific about the kind of pets that you have. Not all animals will be affected by pest control procedures. Make sure that you inform the exterminator about the feeding and resting areas of your pets. This way, they will be more careful to avoid spilling or contaminating anything around the area.

Move your pet elsewhere

If you are still concerned about the safety of your pets, it is best to take them somewhere else. If the exterminator says the process will not take long, simply take them for a walk. Another good idea is having a friend or a family member pet sit for a while. Moving your pets out of the house is the safest way to keep them away from toxic chemicals.

Restrict an area for your pet

Some people do not want to relocate their pets. Whether it is because they are old or sick, there is a way out. You can have them stay at the house, but make sure that they are in a restricted area where they will not get affected by the procedures. It is not recommended to let them run wherever they want. During pest control, you should contain them in an area that will not be affected by the chemicals. The garage and backyard are usually free of pest treatment.

Remove your pet’s objects from the area

Now that your pets are safe, make sure that you remove their food and water bowls from the area. There’s always a chance that the toxic substances may get into the bowls. If your pets eat contaminated food, they will have to deal with the terrible repercussions. Make sure that the containers are put away. You can store them in the garage for safety until the process is over. Aside from their food and water, put their toys and bedding away as well. Any objects that your pets regularly have contact with should be stored. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Give special considerations to specific pets

 If you have a big fish tank that cannot be relocated, make sure that you close it tightly. The same applies to reptile pets and others. Simply find a thick, big cloth to cover the cage. When it comes to birds, it may be best to move them to somewhere else. Birds do not cope well with the sounds and smells of pest control procedures.

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