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The presence of pests in your attic—or any part of your home—is never welcome. Pest infestation is associated with a host of health problems. Not to mention, the thought of sharing the same roof with such pesky critters and crossing paths with any of them can give anyone the fright of their lives. Certain pests can also wreak havoc on your home’s components, including insulation and wood materials. They can also chew on electrical wiring and loiter and litter inside your home’s ducts and vents.

Pests often invade homes in search of food and shelter. However, it isn’t your responsibility to feed and share your home with them! In this post, we’ll give you tried and tested tips on keeping your attic pest-free.


Seal Gaps and Cracks in the Attic

Cracks and gaps in the attic pave the way for pests to enter your home. These cracks and gaps are often found in vent systems, allowing insects and rodents, and other types of pests to find their way into your attic.

Aside from ensuring that the ducts and vents are clean, unblocked, and operational, regular inspections will also help determine if you have an infestation. This also makes for the detection of possible damage factors and sources of problems, allowing you to perform the necessary repairs or solutions.

When gaps and cracks are found during home and HVAC inspection, it’s crucial to patch or fill them up immediately. Doing so will help stop pests before they can even enter your home.


Keep Your House Clean

If you don’t want pests to love hanging around your home, then don’t make it a conducive environment for them to thrive. Regular and thorough cleaning and maintenance do not make your home look neat and fresh. Aside from removing dirt, debris, dust, and other wastes, cleaning also keeps the home free of things that attract pests. These include leftover food, uncollected garbage, and dust and dirt buildup.

When you schedule regular maintenance of systems, particularly ductwork, areas and issues that need attention can be found easily. Hidden parts and corners of the home, such as the attic, will also be regularly checked and “disturbed,” making them unlikely spots for pests to hide.


Install Screens Over Openings

Pests are surprisingly resourceful. They can find ways to enter your home and push their luck to stay there. To make sure that they don’t find a way inside, install screens over openings such as the chimney and vents. The screens will deter critters from entering your home through the roof without blocking airflow.


Be Diligent in Waste Disposal

Improper waste disposal is a surefire way to attract pests into the home. Make sure that waste bins are tightly closed, and regularly empty the bins as well. If you recycle containers, make sure that they are washed thoroughly before putting them into the recycling bins.


Change Filters Regularly

When your HVAC system filters are not cleaned or replaced regularly, airflow is restricted, leading to moisture buildup. Excessive moisture encourages mould and mildew buildup, and can also attract pests. 

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