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There may be just as many DIY pest control solutions on the internet as there are pests in your home! But why should you resist the urge to do it yourself?

Here are reasons why DIY pest control solutions are not recommended:

Bed Bugs

It is highly recommended that you get trained professionals to take care of bed bugs. You will not need to be worried about whether or not you did an adequate job of getting rid of them completely. Home remedies may not work out the way you want them to and bed bugs are a serious enough issue to put some money and time into it; to get it taken care of professionally.

Exterminator Chemicals

Pest controllers have access to chemicals that are not readily-available to the average consumer. You must also understand how to use pesticides in order to get results. A pest control expert knows how, when and where to treat more effectively, taking into account factors like temperature, indoor or outdoor, weather conditions, which will all have a huge effect on DIY products. Save yourself time as well as money and call a professional.

It Takes More Than You Think

A professional exterminator has been trained and certified to handle these comprehensive processes for longer lasting results. While using a DIY kit will get rid of a few flying bugs, exterminators know how to make sure the pests are completely eliminated. Home remedies may not always work and will not be safe for you, your kids, pets or your home. Because exterminators know the health and environmental risks of all the products they use, they will warn you of any possible health hazards or allergens.

They Aren’t All The Same

DIY products and remedies treat every pest the same, but an exterminator will bring knowledge and experience to the job and create a solution that is right for your home and the pests are inhabiting the area.


Certain products say they kill ants and cockroaches, which may be true, but there are hundreds of types of ants and cockroaches and these one-size-fits-all cans of bug spray will not stop these pests from returning. There are all kinds of varieties of ants, roaches, spiders, bugs, beetles and not all types are killed by the one generic product.


DIY products and internet remedies may cost you more in the long run by fooling you into thinking the problem is gone just because you don’t see the pest anymore. It is very likely that the pest has hidden away in your walls, basement, and attic. Exterminators can remove the immediate problem and prevent further infestation.


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