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You should look at having an expert come in to carry out pest control whenever possible, particularly in the case that your pest problem is recurring, expansive, or requires use of certain equipment or products that are only accessible to professionals. Just remember, you’re better off having the job done properly once, rather than having to revisit.

When hiring a pest control service, you should keep in mind the following things:

The Expert

Prior to granting the pest control provider access to your house or business, request to take a look at their identification and certification, making sure that it is current. Pest controllers are required to be certified in Australia, and we’re unfortunately seeing a great number of people not doing this, which can be very dangerous for everyone involved.

The Company

Before settling on a company, do your homework. Make sure you read the reviews of the company to get an idea as to how strong their level of service is, and how satisfied they leave their customers.


Test the knowledge of your pest control man or woman by asking a question or two. After all, they are experts – they should be able to answer them. That being said, there are cases where an answer cannot be given immediately, and in which case, they should be coming back to you with an answer as soon as possible.


Your situation may be quite stressful and urgent, however you should absolutely resist being sucked into paying an extremely high price. There are unfortunately many people out there who will take advantage of a stressful situation and charge above-market prices.


A variety of methods are used to sort out pest problems, and often this will involve the use of chemicals throughout your home and business. If you have any concerns about the chemicals or methods used, feel free to ask your pest control professional. You can also ask your professional about a Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.


Following the service, you should receive a report detailing the work carried out. This can be very useful for insurance companies and landlords. Make sure you mention it before the service commences.

Consultation and Prevention

A good pest control professional will be able to show you, or at least describe the problem at hand. They should also be able to give you advice on how to prevent a similar event reoccurring in future. You want to be able to have the service carried out with confidence that the problem won’t arise again, and a lot of this comes from preventative measures taken throughout your home or business.


A good pest control service will offer a warranty for their service in the event in which the pest problem isn’t fully dealt with. At All Guard, we offer a 6 month warranty on most services carried out!