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Though pest problems occur throughout the year, they especially become a significant concern during the winter. Because of the possible severity of the situation, it’s sometimes called a pest season rather than a winter season since pests like rats, cockroaches, moths, flies, and many more will surely cause problems to you and your family.


Aside from maintaining proper heat and the constant shovelling of ice in the backyard, pest infestation will add to your winter stress. They not only create damage inside your house but will also disrupt your household activities, such as Christmas or New Year gatherings.


That said, below are three significant reasons pest control is an absolute must during winter. 


  1. To prevent nesting and infestation


Pests usually nest outside during summer. However, when the temperature starts to drop, these pests will look for more comfortable spots to survive through the cold season. To seek shelter from the harsh weather, unfortunately, they directly migrate inside homes, and this is called overwintering. Some of these pests that overwinter include moths, flies, crickets, ladybugs, and caterpillars, to name a few.


After the first nesting, pests will immediately start to multiply, and soon after that, you already have a nasty infestation to deal with. During such instances, you will have to call a qualified pest controller to stop the dramatic increase of bugs inside your house. If not treated earlier, this bothersome situation will only worsen over time.


  1. To prevent health risks


The influx of bugs brings more germs than your holiday visitors. Aside from the insects, even cockroaches and rodents will start to take over your home and put your family’s health at risk. Cockroaches are breeding grounds for bacteria such as salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. They also spread various diseases that include poliovirus.


  1. To prevent home damage


The two pests that typically cause damages to your home are termites and rodents. Home damage will affect not only you and your family’s safety but also decrease the value of your home. Termites can wreak havoc to your home’s interiors and exteriors at the same time.  


Rodents will most likely cause even more damage to your house. Aside from invading food stocks inside your cupboard, they will attack the house structure itself, such as wall cavities and ceiling cavities. You will end up having to do some costly renovation after winter to repair all the damage. 


Rodents will chew up anything they see. The worst thing to watch out for is when they start to gnaw on electrical wiring. Even small wiring problems may result in a horrendous house fire. It’s important to note that house fires happen more often during winter than summer.


Winter is the best time to prevent pests from taking control of your home. Just before winter arrives, it is best for you to call pest control experts who can inspect your home and exterminate the breeding grounds of bugs. They can confidently control your pest problem before it turns into an uncontrollable infestation. By preventing the issue before it even started, you will be able to enjoy the winter season cozily inside your home.


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